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Time is money. When you need to manage the activities of multiple contractors, multiple resources, and multiple sites, you canít do it alone. This is where a powerful project controls system can give you what you need. Kelar Corporation has been providing project controls software since 1983, for the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction market, as well as government and educational institutions.

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Success Story: LAC+USC Medical Center

The LAC+USC Medical Center Renovation project will be the largest hospital in the United States. When Jacobs Engineering/CRSS first realized the need for electronic contract control and document management, they contacted Kelar Corporation. Kelar has provided full implementation, training, custom procedure manuals, and customized reports for the project. Using these software packages, Jacobs Engineering/CRSS is able to manage submittals, requests for information, and other types of communication with the 30 different organizations involved.


Kelar Corporation provides standardized and customized training courses for every software solution we provide.

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Whether project management is a new priority or a well-established discipline in your company, Kelar Corporation will add value to your efforts. Kelarís clients enjoy the following benefits from our consulting and scheduling services.

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  • Access to leading software and hardware tools, including the latest versions of Primavera Project Planner, SureTrak Project Manager, and Microsoft Project. Kelar uses the latest, most powerful software tools, which can in many cases fulfill our clientsí contractual reporting requirements.

  • Standard project templates reflecting your methodology, standard work hours and holidays, internal and external resources, and project costs. These templates encourage a standard approach to your work, facilitating high-level analysis, and creating a foundation for continuous improvement. Kelar can help you model and evaluate various approaches to meeting project deadlines and goals, in order to find the optimal solution.

  • Expert users of Primavera and Microsoft Project, who can quickly and accurately create and update your project plans, lightening the workload of your project managers and/or internal scheduler(s). Our consultants continuously update their skills and upgrade their tools, via Kelarís relationships with software manufacturers, and via involvement in multiple professional organizations. This gives our clients access to the best-trained personnel and the most powerful scheduling software, without prohibitive training and software costs!

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If your goal is to use your internal staff for project scheduling, Kelar Corporation offers Training each month at our office. We will teach your employees how to effectively use Primavera Project Planner, Microsoft Project, SureTrak Project Manager and other applications, for maximum benefit in their projects.


Kelarís consultants are available to assist you temporarily or routinely, to create, refine, and update your project schedules. Based on the number, duration, and pace of your projects, and your organizational goals, we can recommend an appropriate level of effort and scope of service. Our consultants will work with you to determine the most responsive and cost-effective solution to your needs.

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